Facial Treatments


LPG Facial Treatments LPG anti-aging and skin redensifying - 30 minutes Restores skin density for a natural volumizing effect. Doubles the skin’s “self-hydration” capacity. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. LPG anti-aging, firmness and resculpting - 30 minutes Activates natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production process. Eliminates toxins to restore skin glow. Tightens and minimizes pores. LPG Detox Endermolift - 20 minutes Eliminates toxins and drains to restore skin glow. Balances tissue moisture. Purifies skin texture. LPG Glow Endermolift - 15 minutes Exfoliates delicately. Doubles skin ability to reflect light. Evens skin appearance. New Targeted Treatments - 10 minutes Target your area of choice with a fast, highly effective treatment. Upper face area, puffy eyes and dark circles. Wrinkles around your eyes/mouth. Face contour, double chin, neck. Décolleté/bust/hands Laser Harmony XL Treatment A laser treatment type that restores skin surface and efficiently reverses harmful effects of sun exposure, aging and unhealthy habits on the quality, shade and texture of your skin. Laser treatment improves skin quality, smoothes wrinkles, boosts skin firmness and density. It can also correct pigmented conditions, macules, and superficial capillary fragility. The new Laser 360 Protocol literally turns back time for your skin, combining 3 technologies that perform full skin rejuvenation in just 60 days! The system is clinically tested and 100% safe, with proven results. Alma Lasers Accent Xli Radiofrequency – body contouring and skin redensifying By means of readiofrequency, this device stimulates cellular metabolism and fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin. The treatment targets specific areas with volumizing and densifying effects. The skin feels much firmer and toned, with a visible rejuvenation effect. Ultratone Futura Ulta Pro Treatments  Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Biostimulation Non-surgical facial lifting and fine muscle stimulation for tissue support. It improves skin tonus, boosts lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness. The compact, “all-in-one” system provides complete solutions for non-invasive, but extremely efficient facial treatments. Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Ultrasound Cutting-edge anti-aging facial treatment. In order to restore the skin, electroporation stimulates it to receive in-depth active ingredients. As a result, wrinkles are visibly reduced. Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Microcurrents  Fine line reduction and deep hydration of the skin. Dr. Babor Treatments  The Dr. Babor medical use products perfectly complement our therapies. Targeted solutions for all your beauty objectives. A true skincare pioneer, Babor puts its expertise into practice to translate the secrets of active ingredients into highly efficient, German quality skincare products. With its innovative formulations, Doctor Babor meets the highest standards of cosmetic treatments. It's science that yields visible beauty results and targeted solutions. Derma Cellular Efficient care for basic beauty needs Biogen Cellular Latest-generation rejuvenation effect and long-lasting results Neuro Sensitive Cellular Innovative special care for extra-sensitive, dry skin Purity Cellular Intensive care for even, radiant skin
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