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Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Biostimulation  The best biostimulation device in its class that uses both the Ultrawave complex for a wide range of problems and bioptic light for cellular regeneration. It is a 30-minute long treatment, which detoxifies, helps lose centimetres, and reduces the "orange peel" look of the skin, making it more even. Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Ultrasounds The new and improved world leader in professional non-invasive treatments brings a Trophic Code made of 66 waves that boost the effects of biostimulation. The device also boasts human-identical currents and a Bioenergy Synchronized Technology System that contributes to rejuvenation with its new LUMI (Light Unified Myoneural Impulsers) transmitters. The new Ultratone has shown remarkable results in cellulite reduction, centimeter loss and weight loss. Ultratone Futura Ultra Pro Microcurrents for a firmer, younger-looking skin It stimulates fibroblasts to improve collagen and elastin fibers and to both obtain a firmer skin and more toned muscles. The Ultracell system is ideal for raising the absorption rate of ingredients used for electroporation. The perfect treatment to boost skin firmness and quality for a younger, healthier look. LPG Cellum M6 Endermolab 2 Endermolab - A revolutionary technology that relies on mecano-stimulation by means of motorized rolls, which mobilize and defibrate the adipose tissue in the target area. The treatment lasts for 35 minutes and effects in microcirculation, lymph system and lipolysis stimulation, significant weight loss, body recontouring, reduced "orange peel" look of the skin, as well as loss of in-depth, resilient fat. LPG Tratament Lipomassage Reduces persistent fat deposits in the upper and lower body, and diminishes the "orange peel" look of the skin, restructuring it. It accelerates lipolysis by 40%, remodels and slims down the figure, and tones the skin. LPG Cellulite Reduction Treatment Reduces fat deposits and cellulite, and redensifies skin. It also reduces the "orange peel" look of the skin, making it firmer. LPG Drainage Treatment Accelerates circulation and creates an immediate well-being and comfort feeling. Helps mobilize and release up to a liter of water from the body. Stimulates lymph drainage. LPG Firmness and Contouring Treatment Redensifies skin in-depth by activating collagen and elastin production. Your body is contoured, and your skin is firmer. Alma Lasers Accent Xli Radiofrequency – targeting cellulite By means of readiofrequency, this device stimulates cellular metabolism, which allows for the liquefying and removal of localized fats and cellulite. The treatment targets specific areas with effects that include melting down the adipose tissue, decreasing the cellulite nodules by several centimeters in the very first session, remodeling the targeted areas and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Alma Lasers Accent Xli Radiofrequency – skin redensifying By means of readiofrequency, this device stimulates cellular metabolism and fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin. The treatment targets specific areas with volumizing and densifying effects. The skin feels much firmer and toned, even after weight variations. Soprano ICE Laser Hair Removal Soprano ICE permanent hair removal relies on laser to target and remove all hair types. It is an elegant and modern approach to hair removal that is also fast, painless and suitable for all skin types, including tanned ones. Results are visible from the first sessions and last for a long time. 100% safe treatments that comply with EC norms. Guinot Aromatic Techni Fermete Massage Aromatic Fermete - Manual treatment that kicks off with a 20-minute massage session meant to stimulate elastin and collagen through the combined action of specific, muscle-targeted movements and Fermete oil. The massage session is followed by a cold wrap and 2 minute-long sauna session. The treatment helps stimulate elastin and collagen in the dermal structures, which tones the skin. Medical Body Aesthetics Treatments Please refer to the "Medical Services" section - tattoo removal, treatment of scars and stretch marks.
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