Valuable anti-aging treatment advice

Valuable anti-aging treatment advice
by Ramona Tudor, Columna Esthetic Aesthetic Coach & owner    In my opinion (and not only),  anti-aging treatment is an investment in our own image! Every woman dreams of never-ending youth, but only few of us have discovered that latest technology make this ideal possible. With a few simple lifestyle tips & tricks and the right anti-aging treatment you can reverse the unforgiving effects of aging and you can enjoy timeless beauty! By "right treatment" I mean that each of us is unique and needs personalized care. This is why at Columna Esthetic, we prioritize Aesthetic Coach consultations in order to make a decision regarding anti-aging treatment. The anti-aging consultations that I provide are the essential first step of any treatment and consist in a detailed evaluation of aging signs and symptoms which affect several specific areas of the body - the face, neck, decollete and hands.

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Anti-aging treatments are not standardized: they vary from one patient to the other, depending on each of our needs and interest. Once we establish a plan, the first stage of anti-aging treatment can begin: a 15-minute LPG preparation session, followed by radiofrequency and the most innovative facial rejuvenation technique - Clearlift.  Although results are instant, they get better with every session, and the desired result is only achieved at the end of a full treatment cycle. Another important aspect that complements the effect of anti-aging treatment is represented by the skin care products you are using. Ask your skin care specialist for advice before choosing them - he/she can provide information on the type and quality of your skin, as well as on the results that you are targeting, and can recommend the best products that suit your needs. Don't just choose a cream because it worked wonders for your friend or because it is highly promoted!

In order to prevent skin aging, it is essential that you include the following tips in your daily routine:

  • Hydrate as much as you can - hydration is crucial for optimal skin elasticity and for other body functions;
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from direct exposure to sun and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Take antioxidants and supplement them occasionally with a vitamin C or Resveratrol cure;
  • To prevent the appearance of expression lines, avoid facial muscle contraction as much as you can;
  • Consult a dental aesthetics specialist.
For more advice on anti-aging treatment, I am warmly inviting you to a consultation at Columna Esthetic - a true beauty retreat where, together with my team, I will help you turn back time and stay young, fit and beautiful! Looking forward to meeting you, Ramona Tudor - Columna Esthetic Aesthetic Coach & Owner 
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