Discover the Clearlift facial rejuvenation treatment

Discover the Clearlift facial rejuvenation treatment
From the age of 20, all of us start losing 1% of collagen naturally. If we also count oxidative stress, inadequate nutrition, smoking and pollution, we come to realize that our skin is under great pressure, which ages it immaturely. Fortunately enough though,  Columna Esthetic provides the latest, most innovative facial rejuvenation treatment in the world - Clearlift, which helps restore skin youth.

How does Clearlift facial rejuvenation work?

Clearlift is a non-invasive, painless facial rejuvenation method that uses laser technology. The laser works thermally up to 3 mm under the skin, increasing the blood flow, and stimulating cell regeneration, so facial rejuvenation is achieved without harming the upper layers of the skin. This technique can be customized according to client needs, and Clearlift 4D allows a constant depth for your treatment, depending on skin type or on the treated area. Clearlift offers excellent results, with comfortable, fast treatment, and no need for post-treatment recovery. Thanks to this new  facial rejuvenation method, the skin is treated in-depth, with no harm to the epidermis, which ends up feeling extremely smooth, says Ramona Tudor -  Columna Esthetic Aesthetic Coach.

Who can undergo Clearlift facial rejuvenation treatment? 

Every person is unique and has a certain genetic heritage and lifestyle, which can be more or less favorable. Consequently, if you are very young but suffer from high oxidative stress, you can resort to facial rejuvenation treatment in order to prevent the effects of premature aging. As you age (or as oxidative stress advances), treatment sessions will get more frequent. Clearlift facial rejuvenation is recommended to all women who want to prevent or to reverse skin aging.

What are the advantages of Clearlift facial rejuvenation?

  • Fast and easy
  • Painless
  • No recovery needed
  • Visible results from the first session
  • Works on all skin types
  • Works on all body areas (including the face, chest, hands or neck)
  • Is recommended for removal of tattoos, pigmented and vascular lesions, nail fungus and other conditions

How long does Clearlift facial rejuvenation last? 

Clearlift facial rejuvenation has long-term effects provided the treatment is initially carried out intensively, then followed up by maintenance sessions. Clearlift is a comfortable and highly efficient facial rejuvenation method with results that last up to 3 months, and with even better prospects when constantly maintained and combined with other therapies.

How much does Clearlift facial rejuvenation cost?

A facial rejuvenation session costs RON 1400. The price may vary according to the number of sessions and depending on whether you choose one of our packages, on which you can find more information here:

For more details on Clearlift facial rejuvenation, contact us directly at 0751 111 156 or visit our dedicated page:

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